Traumatic Dental Injuries in Kirkland, WA

Traumatic Dental Injuries in Kirkland, WA

Traumatic dental injuries refer to any harm that can cause damage to the teeth, gums, tongue, or lips. These injuries can lead to infections, pain, and permanent damage if left untreated. Dental injuries can be painful and traumatic, and the effects may last for a while. 

Dental injuries are common, and most people experience at least one in their lifetime. Common symptoms include bleeding from the mouth, swelling of the face, loose teeth, inability to close the mouth properly, bruising on the lips, tooth loss, pain while chewing, and earaches. At Prime Endodontics, we treat traumatic dental injuries using the most advanced dental techniques.

The Causes of Traumatic Dental Injuries

A tooth can be damaged or knocked out for several reasons, including jaw bone impact or a hard blow to the mouth. Common examples of traumatic dental injuries include accidents like a child falling face-first onto a hard surface or being inadvertently hit in the mouth with a baseball or other sporting equipment. 

Adults can experience accidents, too, for instance when biting down on something hard while eating or breaking a tooth while grinding down their teeth at night due to stress. The severity of the trauma can also influence the severity of the injury and it’s essential to seek treatment as soon as possible if you suffer from dental trauma. 

The Treatment Process for Traumatic Dental Injuries

If a tooth or multiple teeth have been knocked out, the priority should be finding all the pieces of the tooth and putting them in milk or water until the patient can see the endodontist for evaluation and repair. The endodontist in Kirkland, WA will gently examine the tooth roots and the mouth's soft tissues to check for any signs of additional damage. If they find any, they may recommend that patients pursue further treatment.

Extraction may be recommended if the teeth are too damaged to save through root canal therapy. Any broken fragments of the tooth will be smoothed down to prevent soft tissue irritation in the future. Patients may also receive a temporary restoration while the gums are healing. Once the gum tissue has fully healed, a permanent dental crown or another restoration will be placed to protect the weakened tooth from future damage and sensitivity.

If you’ve experienced a traumatic dental injury, visit Prime Endodontics at 1029 Market St., Suite 10, Kirkland, WA 98033, or call (425) 440-2000 for the best dental care. 

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