Root Canal Retreatment

Root Canal Retreatment services offered in Kirkland, WA

A root canal is a routine but significant dental procedure that aims to save a natural tooth. In most cases, a root canal lasts a lifetime. However, in some situations, root canal retreatment is necessary. At Prime Endodontics in Kirkland, Washington, Nestor Cohenca, DDS, FIADT, an expert endodontist, performs root canal retreatments. To schedule a consultation, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Root Canal Retreatment Q&A


What is root canal retreatment?

A root canal retreatment is an endodontic procedure that fixes a previous root canal treatment. The goal of root canal therapy is to preserve your natural tooth. If your original root canal causes pain, develops an infection, or fails to fully heal, then root canal retreatment is your next best option for keeping your tooth.

Prime Endodontics is a leading endodontic practice in the Pacific Northwest. The highly skilled dental professionals perform root canal retreatments to save your tooth.

Why would I need a root canal retreatment?

Your endodontist at Prime Endodontics explains why you need root canal retreatment. They may recommend the procedure if your treated tooth is fractured or you have a cracked, loose, or broken filling or crown.

You may also need a root canal retreatment if you have an untreated, narrow canal or there was improper follow-up care for the original root canal therapy.

Prime Endodontics may also recommend a root canal retreatment if you have a dental problem with the treated tooth that wasn’t found during the first root canal. You may also need a root canal retreatment if saliva gets into the tooth and re-contaminates the root canal, causing new decay and infection.

If you have tooth pain following a root canal, schedule a consultation at Prime Endodontics. 

What are the symptoms of root canal failure?

Pain or discomfort at the site of the original root canal therapy is the most common symptom of root canal failure, indicating the need for retreatment. You may also have swelling or bleeding of the gums surrounding the tooth. The tooth may also feel loose.

The best way to prevent problems with your root canal is to get regular dental X-rays, checkups, and cleanings. 

What happens during a root canal retreatment?

Before making any specific treatment recommendations, the endodontist at Prime Endodontics evaluates your tooth and mouth using 3D imaging technology and a surgical operating microscope to determine the cause of your root canal failure.

Once they identify the problem, your endodontist numbs the area and creates a small access opening into the tooth. They remove the filling or other materials in the tooth to protect the root canal and any infection.

Your endodontist reshapes and disinfects the root canal and fills the tooth with a temporary filling. Once your tooth heals, the endodontist at Prime Endodontics places a permanent crown over your tooth to protect it.

Root canal retreatment is unique to the patient, so your course of care may vary. Prime Endodontics always uses the most effective treatment and explains your options in detail.

To schedule your root canal retreatment appointment at Prime Endodontics, call the office or book online today.