Pediatric Endodontics

Treatment for Primary Teeth

Sometimes root canal treatment gets necessary for saving a primary tooth because of deep decay, infection, or trauma. In order to maintain space, primary tooth retention gets essential, and, in that way, the patient can avoid future orthodontic treatment. If necessary, an adult root canal treatment can be performed, making alterations with predictable success. 

Treatment for Immature Permanent Teeth

As a result of decay, nerve infection, or trauma on a permanent tooth, the child might need to undergo endodontic treatment. The aim of conducting this treatment is to retain all possible healthy nerve tissue as it is essential to help the complete development of the tooth. Root canal therapy with specific alterations could be performed to achieve the desired result. 

An immature tooth with injuries might require one of the following treatments for improving the chances of saving the tooth:

Vital Pulp Therapy: A procedure performed to encourage continued physiological development and formation of the root end.

Apexogenesis: The cases in which the nerve exposes and stays healthy, it is suggested to utilize Apexogenesis to encourage in continuing the development of root. Certain medications are used to cover the exposed nerve tissue to keep it alive and healthy. 

Apexification: In some of the cases, the nerve may not be vital anymore; then the endodontist removes the unhealthy pulp. In earlier times, in order to help the development of root tips, the dentist would apply medication into the root canal system. This helps provide a barrier for the root canal filling. In advanced treatments, a compatible bone material known as MTA is used for sealing the apex and also to fill the root canal system as soon as possible. In certain circumstances, nerve regeneration techniques are used as well. 

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