Cracked Teeth

Cracked teeth might indicate certain types of symptoms, which include pain when chewing, sensitivities to temperature, or the release of biting pressure. It is prevalent for the pain to come and go, making it hard to diagnose the reason behind your discomfort.

Chewing causes the cracked pieces of your tooth to move, and the tooth pulp to get irritated. When the biting pressure releases, the crack closes rapidly resulting in sharp pain. Eventually, this will damage the pulp and hurt the tooth consistently, even when you are not chewing. These cracks can cause pulp tissue infection, which spreads to the bone and gums that surrounds the affected tooth.

What are the types of cracks?

The following are the different types of cracks:

Craze lines: These types of tiny cracks usually affect the outer tooth enamel and are very common in adults. These types of cracks are of no much concern.

Fractured Cusp: When a cusp weakens, it results in a fracture. The cusp might break off or can be removed by a dentist. In rare cases, a fractured cusp damages the pulp, so the root canal is not essential and could be restored with a full crown.

Cracked Tooth: In this, the crack extends from the tooth surface and migrates towards the root vertically. In some cases, the crack might even extend below the gum line and, sometimes, extend up to the root. It is quite sure that there might be damage to the pulp, for which root canal treatment gets necessary. If this condition is left untreated, it can result in tooth loss. 

Split Tooth: A split tooth occurs as a result of an untreated cracked tooth. It is not possible to save this type of tooth. But still, the position and extent of the problem will determine if any portion of the tooth could be saved or not. 

Vertical Root Fracture: A vertical root fracture starts at the root and extends towards the tooth surface. Its symptoms are minimal, and the fracture might often go undetected. In order to treat it, endodontic surgery will be used, or the other option is to go for tooth extraction.

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